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  • Hotel Reservation Information

  • You always get the best rates when you book with the Academy! We have negotiated with hotels in San Francisco to bring you the lowest pricing available. When you book your hotel room with the Academy's official hotel reservation provider, Expovision, you can also earn all of your hotel loyalty points.

    Use the AAO 2023 Meeting Schedule Overview (PDF 542KB) to help plan your trip - don't miss a minute of AAO 2023!

    Important Dates and Deadlines

    • June 21: Academy and AAOE® members can register and reserve hotel rooms.
    • July 12: Nonmembers can register and reserve hotel rooms.

    Fraud Alert

    When booking hotels for your stay you may encounter fraudulent companies impersonating the Academy or falsely suggesting a relationship with the Academy. The organizations might contact you directly via email, or you might find them on the Internet. You should only book hotel rooms with the Academy’s official hotel reservation provider is Expovision.

    We need your help to stop fraud! If you believe you may have been the attempted or actual victim of fraud, please report your experience to the Academy. Email the following information to

    • Name (required)
    • Email address (required)
    • URL of fraudulent website or email address of fraudulent email (required)
    • Text of website or email (optional)
    • Additional details (optional)
    • Include as attachments pictures of the website, the actual email chain with the fraudulent company, and any invoices or other attachments sent by the fraudulent company (optional but extremely helpful)