• Academy Council

  • About the Council

    The Council was established in accordance with Section 7.01 of the Academy’s bylaws. Each member of the Council represents either a state or subspecialty society. The state and subspecialty/specialized interest sections meet concurrently at both the Council’s spring and fall meetings. Councilors also meet in nine smaller, regional groups.  

    Academy members are welcome and encouraged to attend Council meetings. Request section or regional meeting notes by email.

    Learn more about the Spring Council Meeting. 

    Semi-Annual Reports

    • Each society on the Council must submit two reports a year.
    • Spring 2017 reports due: March 1.
    • Download semi-annual report template and instructions.

    Council Advisory Recommendations

    Council Advisory Recommendations serve as the Council’s formal mechanism to advise the Academy’s Board of Trustees. The Council debates CARs and the issues they raise at the spring Council meeting, then forwards approved recommendations to the board. CARs have led to numerous Academy initiatives, including:

  • Contact the Council

    American Academy of Ophthalmology
    The Council
    655 Beach St.
    San Francisco, CA 94109

    Academy Staff: Liz Sharpe

    Council Leadership and Members:

    Mathew W. MacCumber, MD, PhD - Chair
    Lynn K. Gordon, MD, PhD - Vice Chair
    Council roster