• Exhibitor Resources

  • Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation (E3)

    As a "value-added" service, the Academy provided all new exhibiting companies at AAO 2015 with an E3 - Exhibiting-Effectiveness Evaluation.

    A link to the report was emailed to AAO 2015 exhibitors evaluated in Las Vegas. To receive a link to your Exhibit Effectiveness Evaluation email exhibitions@aao.org.

    AAO Standout Exhibit Report

    Each year the E3 team looks for booths that display imaginative, creative, effective and/or unusual ideas. Review the AAO 2015 Stand Out Exhibits Report (PDF 593KB) for ideas to enhance your exhibit.

    Exhibitor Success Webinars

    Two free webinars took place on Sept. 17 and Oct. 8. Replay these webinars below.

    Get the most out of the replay by downloading the workbook for each course. The workbook allows you to interact with the content, as well as capture and pull out the most important ideas so that you can put them to work.

    Driving Qualified Booth Traffic:

    Improving Lead Quality:

    Useful Tips for Your Next Show

    The following documents containing practical tips designed to help improve the impact of your exhibit:

    Exhibitor Advisory Committee (EAC)

    The Exhibitor Advisory Committee (PDF 118KB) advises the Academy on issues and concerns affecting exhibitors. Exhibitors are encouraged to share their viewpoints and concerns with the committee or with the Academy's exhibitions staff.