• Are there helpful treatments for neuropathic corneal pain?

    I have post-LASIK neuropathic corneal pain, along with other complications of LASIK. Medication for blepharitis and dry eye disease has not been helpful for pain. Are there other options I should explore?


    Neuropathic corneal pain is very difficult to treat. Patients have symptoms mimicking dry eye syndrome, however have symptoms in excess to the findings on slit lamp exam. In addition, traditional therapies for dry eyes may incompletely treat neuropathic pain.

    There are a number of alternative treatments that have been explored, but with inconsistent results. They include autologous serum tears; anti-inflammatory agents such as steroids, cyclosporin, or lifitegrast; scleral contact lenses; systemic therapies such as tricyclic antidepressants, anticonvulsants, low-dose naltrexone; and non-invasive and deep brain stimulation.  

    You should continue to work with your eye doctor to see if there are some remedies that may be more effective for you. 

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