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  • Can astigmatism need correction in glasses but not contacts?


    Is it possible to have an astigmatism (irregularly curved cornea) which requires correction in glasses, but not contacts? My glasses work great but if I wear contacts it seems to take a moment for one to catch up with the other one and be able to see properly when I move my eyes. I was told my astigmatism is too slight to require special contacts.


    I am guessing that you have been prescribed toric contacts that correct astigmatism. If your astigmatism is minor, it takes a moment for the self-centering of the lens to settle onto the eye. This will cause a temporary blur while the lens seats itself. This does not happen with eyeglasses as they are automatically centered. Those with higher degrees of astigmatism center more quickly. As your astigmatism is slight, ask your ophthalmologist about wearing a spherical contact lens. This is a non-toric lens and would not need the extra time to seat itself on the eye.

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