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  • Is there any cure for calcium build-up on optic nerve?


    I saw an eye specialist this morning and was told there is nothing can be done for me as I have calcium build-up on the end of my optic nerve. It's not drusen, but will it just keep building up over the next few years and is there no cure, as they say?


    Two forms of calcium build-up on the optic nerve (back of eye) that can create problems include optic disk drusen (yellow, fatty deposits under retina), as you mentioned, and calcification within an optic nerve sheath meningioma. Drusen are the most common findings and involve protein and calcium deposits that mimic optic nerve swelling. If you were told this was not present, was a meningioma mentioned? This is a benign tumor that can grow along any nerve or neural tissue within the body. Removal is not recommended unless it is compressing the optic nerve. Hemorrhages (bleeding) from disease or trauma have been reported to lead to optic nerve calcification but this is rare and no treatment is necessary for the condition.

    Your eye doctor should be monitoring the health of the optic nerve. It is true that removal of any lesions on the optic nerve is not advisable as this would cause permanent nerve damage and resulting permanent vision loss.

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