• Can congenital toxoplasma cysts reactivate years after the initial exposure and affect my good eye?


    I am 21 and have a scar on the retina of my left eye from birth due to congenital toxoplasmosis (an infection that is passed from the mother to the fetus inside the womb). I am worried that the scar will grow due to reactivation of the parasite, toxoplasma gondii. Can those toxoplasma cysts reactivate? Can it affect my good right eye in the future?


    Unfortunately, it is possible for there to be reactivation of an inactive toxoplasmosis scar. If this happens, you may have symptoms of floaters and some blurred vision. This can be treated, so it would be important for you to see your ophthalmologist promptly should this occur. However, in the absence of a toxoplasmosis scar in your right eye, you are not at risk for that eye become affected.

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