• Can I be tested whether I close my eyes when I sleep?


    Should an accurate test for nocturnal lagophthalmos (inability to close eyelids completely) involve tilting my head back and closing my eyes or will this likely cause a false positive?


    Nocturnal lagophthalmos is the inability to close the eyelids during sleep. Lagophthalmos is associated with dry eyes, poor sleep, as well as irritated, painful eyes on awakening. Nocturnal lagophthalmos is found by asking the patient to gently close their eyes and lie down as if asleep. It is sometimes difficult to recognize subtle lagophthalmos, due either to eyelash obstruction or overhanging loose upper eyelid skin. A patient may ask family or a friend to check their eyes or take a photograph of their eyes when sleeping. An ophthalmologist can check to see if you have nocturnal lagophthalmos and suggest treatment if necessary.

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