• Can my husband do mixed martial arts after suffering a torn iris two years ago?


    My husband had an eye injury (torn iris) a couple of years back and he's been training to fight mixed martial arts. Will it be safe for him to continue fighting with his past eye injury? His torn iris doesn't bother him in any way and also didn't affect his eyesight.


    I am sorry that I can’t give you a specific answer to your question about the safety of your husband engaging in mixed martial arts. I have not examined his eye and you have not provided me a detailed medical report of his previous eye injury. I can speak in general terms to explain that the eye was not made to take much punishment. An iris tear could be small and localized, or it could be large and part of much greater injury to the eye, even if he has no symptoms now. Secondary glaucoma, retinal tear and detachment, and further tearing and bleeding of the iris are all potential results of additional blunt force trauma to that eye. In my personal opinion, prudence would dictate pursuing recreation with less potential for serious eye injury.

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