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  • What should I be concerned that my Bell's Palsy will worsen after cataract surgery?


    I had Bell’s palsy approximately seven years ago and my right eye is droopy. I am having cataract surgery and am concerned that if there is contact with a nerve in the area, that further damage could occur. Should I be worried and are there any precautions that I should take?


    Let me start by saying that Bell’s palsy should not worsen with cataract surgery. However, I’m a little perplexed by your question. Bell’s palsy should not cause a droopy eyelid. Bell’s palsy causes poor eyelid closure. So my greater concern in patients with Bell’s palsy is that with eyelid dysfunction, your cataract surgery incision may be left a bit exposed and not heal as quickly as we’d hope. You should discuss this concern with your cataract surgeon who will evaluate your lid position and pick an incision site that will be well protected.

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