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  • Do Injections Into the Eye Hurt?


    Do injections into the eye hurt? I'm scheduled to begin a series of injections into the retina to stop the disease caused by my diabetes. I'm pretty apprehensive. How long does the injection take and how should I prepare myself? Is there pain afterwards? Will I require any aftercare?


    The typical injection process takes about 15 minutes. This includes the following; 1) The time necessary to prepare the eye for the injection which involves the administration of an anesthetic, an antiseptic and positioning of the eye; 2) The actual injection (which is usually painless because of the anesthetic.); 3) Cleansing of the eye to remove the antiseptic and examination to determine the presence of any complications. Fortunately, serious complications are quite rare. There typically is some irritation of the eye after the shot which may last up to a few hours. However, most patients report little or no discomfort by the next day. Some doctors prescribe eye drops after the injection for a few days. People should avoid using any eye make-up prior to an injection.

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