• Why has my daughter’s right eye been getting smaller? Everyone always asks what’s wrong with her eye.


    Why has my daughter's right eye been getting smaller? Everyone always asks what's wrong with her eye.


    It is critical to determine whether your daughter's right eye is indeed smaller than the left, or whether it appears smaller than the left. This can be more difficult than it sounds. Asymmetry in the eyelids is a frequent cause of this phenomenon. Eyelid asymmetry (and the resulting appearance that the eyes are different sizes) can be of a normal variation, but this also would warrant evaluation, particularly if there are any abnormalities in the reaction or size of the pupils. In addition, there can be normal and abnormal reasons for the eyes to actually be different sizes. The most common reason is if one eye were more nearsighted than the other. However, I would recommend that you have your child receive a comprehensive eye exam by a fellowship trained pediatric ophthalmologist.

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