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  • How will my prior LASIK procedure affect cataract surgery?


    I had LASIK eye surgery (a procedure that corrects refractive errors to reduce dependence on glasses) 12 years ago at 56 and now I have to have cataracts removed and lens implanted in both eyes. Will this have to be taken into account to get the correct strength of the lens?


    One of the unfortunate realities of cataract surgery in the setting of previous LASIK surgery is that the process of selecting an artificial lens isn’t quite as precise as for those who have not had LASIK. We have a number of different compensatory methods, but have varying degrees of success with all of them. If the data is available, I average the results of four different tests, two of which take into account your pre-LASIK measurements, and two of which rely upon a LASIK adjustment in association with current measurements. Your ophthalmologist's compensatory plan for your previous LASIK surgery should be an important part of your preoperative discussion.

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