• How long before the blood clears from my eye after getting a hyphema?


    How long does it take the blood from a very traumatic hyphema (collection of blood in the front of the eye) to clear from pupil? It has been about two months now.


    A hyphema can take several months to clear completely from the front of the eye. The larger the hyphema, the longer it can take to clear.

    A condition known as corneal blood staining can occur where the blood products leave a scar over the pupil. The pupil can also be fixed with dilation in severe cases. If the hyphema does not clear completely, the blood products can be rinsed from the eye with a procedure known as an anterior chamber washout. If blood staining of the cornea occurs, it may require corneal transplant surgery to remove, but the condition should be observed for at least six months before moving forward with surgery. If the pressure in the eye is elevated and blood remains, it is usually a good idea to do the washout.

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