• How Long for Full Keratitis Recovery?


    I was treated for keratitis (swelling and irritation of the cornea, or the front part of the eye) three months ago and my vision is still blurry for long distances. My question is how long does it takes to fully recover from the keratitis?


    Keratitis can refer to any inflammatory disorder of the cornea. Depending on which layer of the cornea is affected, the symptoms, treatment, and long term consequences are different. All types of keratitis can affect vision while the swelling is active, however some can lead to long-term vision loss even after they are treated. Patients with epithelial keratitis, or swelling in the outermost layer of the cornea, make a full visual recovery after the keratitis is cured.

    Inflammation in the stroma (middle layer of the cornea), however, can lead to permanent scarring. In some cases, the scars fade enough for the vision to return to normal. The amount of time required for the scars to fade is different for every patient but is usually over many months.

    Inflammation in the endothelium, or the innermost layer of the cornea, may cause long-term vision impairment depending on how much damage has occurred. Long-term endothelial damage can be treated with medications and with surgery.

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