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  • How Soon Can YAG Be Done After Cataract Surgery?


    How soon after cataract surgery can the YAG laser procedure be done to remove PCO, or posterior capsule opacification?


    Several months or years after a cataract is removed, part of the capsule (the lens covering that supports the artificial lens implant) can become cloudy, affecting clarity of vision. This is called posterior capsule opacification, or PCO. With YAG laser posterior capsulotomy, your ophthalmologist makes an opening in the center of the cloudy capsule with a laser to allow light to pass through the lens properly again. YAG laser posterior capsulotomy can be performed very soon after cataract surgery, but most ophthalmologists think it is wiser to wait 30 to 60 days in order for the intraocular lens implant to be fully seated into place and to avoid any additional inflammation (swelling) immediately after the operation. I suggest you discuss this more fully with your ophthalmologist.

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