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  • Is there a moisturizer I can use to relieve my dry eyelids from blepharitis?


    I suffer from blepharitis (inflammation of eyelids) and MGD (meibomian gland dysfunction, a type of blepharitis). I have been using Ocusoft eye lid scrubs and warm compresses. My upper and lower eyelids on both eyes have become severely dry, itchy, scaly, and I feel a burning sensation at times. I suppose this could be the lid scrubs or the warm compresses drying my lids. Is there an eye moisturizer or ointment that I can use to help relieve these symptoms?


    Try cutting back on the scrubs for now. You can use a bland facial moisturizer on your skin. A bland eye ointment or even Vaseline can help. However, if your symptoms do not improve please check with your ophthalmologist.

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