• What is the recovery time after cataract surgery?


    I am a medical transcriptionist. I have been recently told that I have cataracts (LEVEL 3). How soon will I be able to work after cataract surgery?


    In most cases it should be only several days. The issues to consider are the condition of the second eye and the change in the reading glasses that may result from cataract surgery. If both eyes need to be done and you are significantly near- or far-sighted, then there may be a period of time in between the surgery for each eye where the differences between the eyes may make your tasks difficult. Also, depending upon the surgical approach you may need a change in your eyeglass prescription which is usually done at about four weeks. However that can be accelerated to just several days provided you understand that the prescription may need to be revised in several weeks or months. The speed of recovery also depends on if you have other eye problems in addition to the cataract, as well as if you have a complicated surgery.

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