• What options do I have if I am experiencing recurrence of strabismus in my 40s?


    I have amblyopia and strabismus. When I was 3 I had surgery to correct the turned eye, and cosmetically it was a decent result, but I only have partial vision in that eye. As I travel now through my 40s, I cannot seem to control the movements of the corrected eye as I once did with ease. I see the ghost image of the corrected eye traveling in and out of my field of vision almost constantly. My questions: 1.) Is this typical / normal? 2.) Could another surgery correct it? 3.) Can vision therapy help and what is your opinion on vision therapy in general?


    Your story is not all that unusual. Recurrence of strabismus, or eye misalignment, is common in people who have strabismus surgery. Strabismus surgery should be considered a tune-up, rather than an absolute cure for some patients with the problem. It sounds like your eye misalignment has recurred. Additional surgery may be beneficial for you. Vision therapy, or as ophthalmologists refer to it, orthoptic exercises, can be beneficial in some situations. You should seek the counseling of an ophthalmologist to explore the best options for you.

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