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  • Removing nevus with laser?


    I would like to remove a conjunctival nevus (eye mole) from the white of my eye. I would like to do the procedure to remove the nevus through argon laser treatment, and not an incision biopsy. Through my research I have found that this procedure is only done this way in Seoul, South Korea. Are there facilities in North America that can conduct this procedure?


    The argon laser is a burning laser so using it on a conjunctival lesion would cause too much surrounding tissue damage, especially if using it for removal of a conjunctival lesion. The standard of care to remove a lesion from the conjunctiva (thin, outermost membrane covering the white of the eye) is to mark the area with a surgical marking pen and cut along the mark with special scissors. The area can be closed directly with either dissolvable sutures, fibrin tissue glue, or laser cautery. Unless the tissue is removed in this manner, you would not be able to send it for evaluation to confirm it is a nevus. I would not recommend doing the surgery any other way. Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drops may be prescribed after surgery to ensure appropriate healing and to prevent infection.

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