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  • Is it safe to curl your eyelashes with a hairdryer?


    There’s a social media trend that shows people curling their eyelashes with a hairdryer on the cool setting. Is this safe?


    I would not recommend doing this! Forcefully blowing air into the eyes can cause severe dryness and irritation. 

    Despite the woman's cautionary steps taken in the video of wetting her eyelashes before blow-drying them upwards on the "cool" setting, there's still a risk of damage to your eyes and eyelids. A blow dryer is not designed for the sensitive tissues of the eye and eyelid. This beauty "hack" can lead to dryness and even abrasions on the cornea (the surface of the eye). Such wounds can become painfully infected, and in severe cases lead to loss of vision.

    I recommend a heated eyelash curler instead, which are designed for ocular use and have built-in safety settings, ensuring the heating element doesn't go beyond a specific temperature. 

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