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  • Should I Worry About Getting Soap in My Eyes?


    I was having a shower and liquid soap entered my eyes. It was a burning sensation for 10 minutes. Now it is much better. I rinsed it with lot of water and eyewash. Pain now is very minimal and I can see properly, but my eye is a bit red. This happened 20 minutes ago. Is there anything I could do? Or is it nothing to worry about?


    There are probably few events more common than getting soap in the eyes during bathing. These products have been heavily tested and contain no toxic ingredients. Soap in the eyes does cause stinging and that is why "baby shampoos" are available which allow you to bathe a child with less fear of resistance due to the pain of soap in the eyes. You did the right thing with the eye washout and you have nothing to fear.

    This question was originally answered on Oct. 16, 2013.

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