• Do you know why I see streaks of lights while wearing new glasses?


    Last night driving home all the other car headlights seemed to look like long streaks of light or beams of light coming at me. It was very difficult to drive. This lasted ten or so minutes. Coincidentally I had worn a new pair of glasses for the first time all day. I had only used these new glasses briefly over the past two weeks without a problem. The streaks remained for a few minutes even after I removed the glasses but then in about ten minutes my eyesight returned to normal. Do you know what could’ve caused this?


    A number of issues could be a factor in this case. This could be edge glare from the new glasses, especially if the glasses are thick for correction of high refractive errors including myopia and astigmatism. The other options could be signs of early eye disease such as cataracts or other eye conditions. I would consider scheduling an appointment with your eye doctor to perform screening tests if this has not been done, including a dilated examination, intraocular pressure check and examination for presence of cataract or retinal disease.

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