• Why is my eye is having trouble focusing with contacts after a corneal abrasion?


    My eye is having trouble focusing with my contact after healing from a corneal abrasion. Why is that and what should I do? My glasses prescription works fine though.


    There are two main stages of healing after a corneal abrasion (scratch or scrape to clear front window of the eye). First, the cells surrounding the abrasion grow inwards to cover the open wound. During this stage patients often experience pain, tearing, etc. In the second stage, the cells reorganize to restore a uniform surface and cell density. While the prescription may change as the eye heals, it usually returns to your original prescription after healing. You should get your prescription rechecked to see if it needs to be updated in the contact lenses. If it still isn’t right, you may need additional time to allow the eye to heal. Your eye specialist will also determine if the contact lens fit needs to be adjusted. Since good movement of the contact lens is necessary for optimal vision, any disruption of the corneal surface (such as from an abrasion) can alter the fit.

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