• Would You Recommend Acupuncture as a Treatment for AMD?


    I had wet AMD (an advanced form of macular degeneration marked by abnormal blood vessel growth in the back of the eye) for several years and have received Avastin injections. It has now turned to dry AMD, and I'm told there is no treatment. I am taking EyeMax Plus but don't really notice any improvement. I have been reading about acupuncture for AMD. Would you recommend this treatment? If it really works, why do eye specialists not suggest it?


    I am glad that the Avastin injections have been successful in stopping the leakage and bleeding from the wet AMD. With the macula now being dry (a less aggressive form of AMD), treatment is directed toward preservation of your vision and there is good evidence that nutritional supplements are helpful in doing this. However, there is no research that demonstrates any treatment that will improve vision in dry AMD. Specifically, we do not recommend acupuncture because there is no compelling scientific evidence for its benefit.

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