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    How Do Your Practice Trends Measure Up? Find Out via Verana Practice Insights

    By Chris McDonagh, Senior Editor, EyeNet

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    In 2017, the Academy partnered with Verana Health to ramp up the analysis of deidentified data in the IRIS Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight). As part of that partnership, Verana Health has developed Verana Practice Insights to make data analytic tools available—at no charge—to IRIS Registry participants.

    Cataract and Beyond

    The initial focus is on cataract. The first four metrics relate to cataract surgery:

    • diagnoses
    • visual acuity before and after sur­gery (see screenshot)
    • Nd:YAG capsulotomies
    • endophthalmitis

    You can review your data based on a yearlong date range, a quarterly date range, or a customized date range.

    Coming soon: Retina and other sub­specialties. Verana Health will soon add metrics for other subpecialties on Verana Practice Insights, starting with retina.

    Review Your Cataract Data
    REVIEW YOUR CATARACT DATA. Use Verana Practice Insights to compare your own cataract surgery outcomes (dark blue bars) against the IRIS Registry average (gray area). This screenshot shows the visual acuity of cataract patients before (left side of screenshot) and after (right side) surgery. Soon, Verana Health will add similar tools for other subspecialties, starting with retina.

    Who Can Participate?

    A free member benefit. Verana Practice Insights is available to United States–based Academy members who have integrated their electronic health record (EHR) system with the IRIS Registry (

    Verana Health needs to verify that your data are accurate and complete. The data requirements go beyond what is needed for quality reporting in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). Some EHR systems might not collect the relevant data, while other EHR systems might have the required information but aren’t currently trans­mitting it to the IRIS Registry.

    How to sign up. Complete the form at You will need your 10-digit National Provider Identifier (NPI).

    Help Shape What Comes Next

    Share your ideas by taking part in a focus group. If you have ideas for fea­tures that would benefit your practice, Verana Health urges you to participate in a focus group. Start by filling out this form

    Verana Health is the for-profit company to which the Academy has licensed IRIS Registry data analysis and curation. For more about the relationship between the Academy and Verana Health, read the November 2018 Current Perspective at