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    YAG Hyaloidectomy

    Written By: Robin A. Vora, MD, and photographed by Pamela Neal, the Permanente Medical Group, Oakland, Calif.

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    YAG Hyaloidectomy

    A 40-year-old man presented with acute loss of vision in his left eye after a difficult bowel movement. His vision in the office was 20/20 OD and counting fingers OS. A large macular subhyaloid hemorrhage was noted (Fig. 1).

    The patient underwent YAG hyaloidectomy. An inferotemporal location was selected for laser application to minimize the risk of injury to the macula. Ten minutes after the procedure, he noted a substantial improvement in his vision (Fig. 2, taken 5 minutes postoperatively). Four days later, his vision was 20/20 OS (Fig. 3). The patient emailed 6 weeks after the procedure and said he was doing great, with just a few residual floaters. He did not return to the office.

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