• Coding for Telemedicine


    In this video, Dr. David Glasser, the Academy’s secretary for federal affairs, provides an overview of coding for telemedicine including who can submit claims, the role of the staff and the three ways that you can provide telehealth services.

    Download the slides (PDF 310 KB)

    Important Updates Since April 1, 2020 Recording:

    • As of April 3, 2020, CMS clarified that place of service (POS) should be 11 for phone calls, e-visits, G-codes, and 99201-99215 via virtual telemedicine for Medicare Part B patients.
    • Modifier -95 should be appended to 99201-99215, but not to phone calls, E-visits or G-codes.
    • CMS announced coverage for this family of codes:
      • 99441 $14.44 for 5-10 minutes of medical discussion
      • 99442 $28.15 for 11-20 minutes of medical discussion
      • 99443 $41.14 for 21-30 minutes of medical discussion
      • Place of service 11 for office

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