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  • Billing with -53 modifer

    One of our surgeons performed a cataract surgery with a canaloplasty on the same day. The surgeon was not able to complete the canaloplasty due to the patient’s head tremors. She made multiple attempts but only about 30% of the canal was open and no further efforts were made. Can this be billed as a completed canaloplasty due to the multiple attempts and the time she spent on the patient? Or would this need a -53 modifier?

    Append modifier -53 conveying discontinued procedure to CPT code 66174 Transluminal dilation of aqueous outflow canal; without retention of device or stent. Your charge should represent the 30% that was completed. That percentage should be in the op note too. Add details in narrative box 19: only 30% of 66174 was completed due to Parkinson’s disease .