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  • YO Info 2022 International Edition

    In 2020, when we launched YO Info's first International Edition, we were grappling with the effects of COVID-19: limited training opportunities and travel, the suspension of conferences where YOs have had the opportunity to network and learn.

    Fast forward to two years later, I'm glad to say that the landscape has changed significantly. The global ophthalmic community has become more connected than ever before, no longer limited by geography and time zones. 

    With the pandemic easing, we have now seen the return of in-person meetings and conferences. One of the very first was the inaugural Global Ophthalmology Summit in Park City, Utah. Organized by the Academy and the Aravind Eye Hospital, hundreds of eye care professionals with a global interest came under one roof. Over the course of two days, ideas were exchanged and new collaborations were formed, and it is certainly my hope that we collectively will be able to finally solve the issue of global blindness by our new goal of 2030. 

    Throughout the pandemic, YOs have been at the forefront delivering change through determination and innovation. Young ophthalmologist chapters have formed within many national and supranational societies around the world, and YOs are taking up leadership roles in creating educational opportunities for their peers. Many of these leaders came to Utah, and it was wonderful to finally put a face to the names  or quite often, putting a face to their social media profiles! 

    Our 2022 YO Info International Edition details the progress we have made in global ophthalmology as well as a preview to what is yet to come. I hope you enjoy reading this issue. 

    Simon Fung, MD, MA, FRCOphth

    Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, University of California, Los Angeles
    Chair of the YO International Subcommittee

    The 2022 YO Info International Edition is available as a series of web pages. Tip: To save online articles for future reference, log in with your member account and click "Add to My To-Do List."