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  • Outstanding Advocate Award

    2014 Outstanding Advocate Awardee: Kenneth D. Tuck, MD

    Awards Committee
    Kenneth D. Tuck, MD, was nominated by the Virginia Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons to receive this year's Outstanding Advocate Award.
    Dr. Tuck is one of Roanoke Valley's most active physicians in political advocacy and policy development. He has been a long standing resource for information and a vigorous advocate for issues important to both physicians and patients. He has created strong relationships with nearly every elected official in his region which has made him an effective advocate on legislative and regulatory issues.

    During his term as President of the Virginia Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons (VSEPS), Dr. Tuck instituted his state's EyePAC. He most recently assisted VSEPS with state and federal advocacy related to the access of compound medications. He is Virginia's "Go-To Man" for advice and assistance on challenging state and national issues.

    As President of the Medical Society of Virginia, Dr. Tuck's many duties and obligations  required him to frequently travel from his home and practice in Roanoke. With all the associated demands as a leader of ophthalmology in the Commonwealth of Virginia, he sustained the passion and joy he received in serving those who seek his care. As a valued member of the American Medical Political Action Committee (AMPAC) Board from 2000-2006, Dr. Tuck was very active in fund raising. He was always willing to stand up and make the case even when the audience was at least a bit skeptical and occasionally a bit hostile. Dr. Tuck always made the case artfully and with grace.

    Dr. Tuck has been a  model, not only in patient care, but in political leadership and policy development. He has been a mentor to many other physicians. Using his seemingly limitless energy, Dr. Tuck has inspired many young doctors to get involved in politics through bi-partisan relationships, always keeping quality patient care in the forefront of any debate. The candidates he has helped over the years continue to turn to him for guidance as elected officials. Many have risen to high positions in Virginia and in Congress. Dr. Tuck has been recognized countless times by his peers, community, fellow Rotarians and members of the Virginia General Assembly for his dedication and selfless work to improving his community and advocating for the profession of ophthalmology.

    Dr. Tuck has held virtually every leadership role in Virginia's medical and ophthalmological organizations. He has also been a leader at the national level. He is a tireless volunteer advocate for patients and his profession as well as for countless other causes. He has been encouraging and supportive, and a true inspiration to those around him. The Academy is proud to honor Dr. Kenneth Tuck with this year's Outstanding Advocate Award.