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  • Attending a political fundraiserAttending a fundraiser on behalf of OPHTHPAC® is a great way to build a relationship with your elected officials. Follow these tips to ensure an effective and enjoyable experience.

    Don’t forget the OPHTHPAC check. Don’t forget, the main function of this event is to raise money. Be sure to give the check to the legislator or their lead fundraiser.

    Work the room. Talk to other attendees, staff and make sure to have a moment with the candidate you are supporting. There is a good chance you are in a room full of people whose opinions matter. Make sure they hear your thoughts on ophthalmology’s important issues.

    Establish a relationship. Take advantage of this setting to get to know your legislator better. If you went to the same school or church, have kids on the same teams, etc. mention the connection to help the legislator more easily remember you.

    Be prepared. Read the Academy’s talking points and research the legislator’s voting record and biography to make connections to during conversation.

    Be brief. Legislators are on the move at fundraisers, so make your point quickly and succinctly.

    Extend an invitation. Offer to have the legislator come to your workplace for a meeting and tour. It is a great opportunity for them to see the care physicians provide and how their legislation affects your patients.

    Send a thank you. Send a brief thank you note or email. Make sure to reinforce your commitment to providing information to the candidate on issues that affect ophthalmology.

    No lobbying. DO NOT connect your contribution to a specific vote. Always thank the legislator for their support of ophthalmology or make sure to bring up issues with past legislation.