• The Academy has a profound duty to its members, the larger medical community and the public to ensure the integrity of all of its scientific, educational, advocacy and consumer information activities and materials. Thus each Academy Trustee, Secretary, committee Chair, committee member, taskforce chair, taskforce member, councilor, and representative to other organizations (“Academy Leader”), as well as the Academy staff and those responsible for organizing and presenting CME activities must disclose interactions with Companies and manage conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest that affect this integrity. Where such conflicts or perceived conflicts exist, they must be appropriately and fully disclosed and resolved.

    All contributors to Academy educational and leadership activities must disclose all financial relationships (defined below) to the Academy annually. The ACCME requires the Academy to disclose the following to participants prior to the activity:

    • All financial relationships with Commercial Companies that contributors and their immediate family have had within the previous 12 months. A commercial company is any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients.
    • Meeting presenters, authors, contributors or reviewers who report they have no known financial relationships to disclose.

    The Academy will request disclosure information from meeting presenters, authors, contributors or reviewers, committee members, Board of Trustees, and others involved in Academy leadership activities (“Contributors”) annually. Disclosure information will be kept on file and used during the calendar year in which it was collected for all Academy activities. Updates to the disclosure information file should be made whenever there is a change. At the time of submission of a Journal article or materials for an educational activity or nomination to a leadership position, each Contributor should specifically review his/her statement on file and notify the Academy of any changes to his/her financial disclosures. These requirements apply to relationships that are in place at the time of or were in place 12 months preceding the presentation, publication submission, or nomination to a leadership position. Any financial relationship that may constitute a conflict of interest will be resolved prior to the delivery of the activity.

    Financial Relationship Disclosure

    For purposes of this disclosure, a known financial relationship is defined as any financial gain or expectancy of financial gain brought to the Contributor or the Contributor’s immediate family (defined as spouse, domestic partner, parent, child or spouse of child, or sibling or spouse of sibling of the Contributor) by:

    • Direct or indirect compensation;
    • Ownership of stock in the producing company;
    • Stock options and/or warrants in the producing company, even if they have not been exercised or they are not currently exercisable;
    • Financial support or funding to the investigator, including research support from government agencies (e.g., NIH), device manufacturers, and\or pharmaceutical companies; or
    • Involvement with any for-profit corporation that is likely to become involved in activities directly impacting the Academy where the Contributor or the Contributor’s family is a director or recipient of a grant from said entity, including consultant fees, honoraria, and funded travel.

    Description of Financial Interests

    Consultant / Advisor C Consultant fee, paid advisory boards or fees for attending a meeting.
    Employee E Employed by or received a W2 from a commercial company.
    Lecture Fees L Lecture fees or honoraria, travel fees or reimbursements when speaking at the invitation of a commercial company.
    Equity / Stock Owner O Equity ownership/stock options in publicly or privately traded firms, excluding mutual funds.
    Patents / Royalty P Patents and/or royalties for intellectual property.
    Grant Support S Grant support or other financial support to the investigator from all sources, including research support from government agencies (e.g., NIH), foundations, device manufacturers, and\or pharmaceutical companies.

    Secretary for Annual Meeting

    Name Disclosure
    Maria M. Aaron, MD None

    Annual Meeting Program Committee

    The Annual Meeting Program Committee is responsible for the Academy's annual meeting Scientific Program, including Breakfast With the Experts, Instruction Courses, Symposia and Scientific Papers/Posters and Videos. Each subcommittee has five-ten reviewers who grade the instruction courses and paper/poster abstracts as well as three subcommittee members who review the grades, then select the courses and abstracts for presentation.

    Associate Secretary for the Annual Meeting Program Disclosure
    William J Fishkind MD FACS Bausch Lomb: C; Johnson & Johnson: C; Thieme Medical Publishers: P
    Annual Meeting Program Committee
    Mitchell P Weikert MD Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: C; Carl Zeiss Meditec: C; Sentiss Pharmaceuticals: C
    Bennie H Jeng MD Aquinox: C; CoDa Therapeutics: C; EyeGate Pharmaceuticals Inc.: O; Jade therapeutics: C; Kedrion: C; Santen, Inc.: C; TissueTech, Inc.: C
    Steven J Gedde MD National Eye Institute: S
    Michael S Lee MD National Eye Institute: S; Quark Pharmaceuticals: S; springer: P; UpToDate: P
    Julian D. Perry, MD Elsevier, Inc.: P; FDA Ophthalmic Devices Panel: C; Lacrimal Drainage Manometer Patent: P
    Hilda Capo MD None
    Ronald R Krueger MD Alcon Laboratories: C; Calhoun Vision: O; Cleveland Clinic Foundation: E; Ocular Therapeutix: C; Optoquest: C; Presbia: C; Strathespey Crown: O
    Sharon D Solomon MD None

    Subcommittee for: Cataract

    Chair Disclosure
    Mitchell P Weikert MD Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: C; Carl Zeiss Meditec: C; Sentiss Pharmaceuticals: C
    Subcommittee Members
    Nicole R Fram MD Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: C,L; Allergan: C; Bausch Lomb: L; CorneaGen: O,C; Johnson & Johnson Vision: C,L; Notal Vision, Inc.: C; Ocular Science: C,O; Omeros: C;RxSight, Inc: C; Shire: L; Sun Pharmaceutical: L; Zeiss: C
    Kevin M Miller MD Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: C,S; Johnson & Johnson Vision: C
    Subcommittee Reviewers
    Adi Abulafia MD Carl Zeiss Inc: L; Haag-Streit: L; HOYA: C; PhysIOL: C,L
    Surendra Basti MBBS Johnson & Johnson Vision: C; Shire Inc.: C
    Stephen H Johnson MD None
    Susan M MacDonald MD ALCON: C; Iantech: C; PERFECT LENS: C
    Sathish Srinivasan MBBS AcuFocus, Inc.: C; Bausch Lomb: C; Medicontur: C; Scope Ophthalmics: C

    Subcommittee for: Cornea, External Disease

    Chair Disclosure
    Bennie H Jeng MD Aquinox: C; CoDa Therapeutics: C; EyeGate Pharmaceuticals Inc.: O; Jade therapeutics: C; Kedrion: C; Santen, Inc.: C; TissueTech, Inc.: C
    Subcommittee Members
    Jessica B Ciralsky MD Abbott Medical Optics Inc.: C; Allergan: C; Shire: C
    Jennifer Y Li MD None
    Subcommittee Reviewers
    Anat Galor MD Allergan: C; Shire: C
    Douglas R Lazzaro MD None
    Wuqaas M Munir MD None
    Elmer Y Tu MD Abbvie: C; Eversight: S; Eye Bank Association of America: S; Okogen: C
    Robert W Weisenthal MD CXLO, iVeena: O

    Subcommittee for: Glaucoma

    Chair Disclosure
    Steven J Gedde MD National Eye Institute: S
    Paula Anne Newman-Casey MD None
    Brian C Samuels MD PhD None
    Subcommittee Reviewers
    Shane J Havens MD None
    Lily T Im MD None
    Veena Rao MD None
    Thasarat S Vajaranant MD National Eye Institute: S
    Sarah Van Tassel MD None

    Subcommittee for: Neuro-Ophthalmology, Electronic Health Records/Information Technology, Ethics, General Medical, Global Ophthalmology, Medical Education, Ophthalmic History and Vision Rehabilitation

    Chair Disclosure
    Michael S Lee MD National Eye Institute: S; Quark Pharmaceuticals: S; springer: P; UpToDate: P
    Andrew G Lee MD None
    Kenneth S Shindler MD PhD FM Kirby Foundation: S; National Eye Institute: S; Noveome Biotherapeutics: C,S; RPB: S; UpToDate: P
    Julie Falardeau MD None
    Courtney E Francis MD None
    Clare Louise Fraser MBBS Roche Diagnostics: L
    Guy V Jirawuthiworavong MD None
    Susan M Ksiazek MD None

    Subcommittee for: Ocular Pathology, Oncology and Oculoplastics, Orbit

    Chair Disclosure
    Julian D Perry Elsevier, Inc.: P; FDA Ophthalmic Devices Panel: C; Lacrimal Drainage Manometer Patent: P
    Jonathan W Kim MD None
    Sara T Wester MD None
    Malena M Amato MD None
    Santosh G Honavar MD None
    Lily Koo Lin MD None
    Pete Setabutr MD None
    Jimmy M Uddin MD None

    Subcommittee for: Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus

    Chair Disclosure
    Hilda Capo MD None
    Arlene V Drack MD Foundation Fighting Blindness: S; NIH: S; ProQr: S; Research to Prevent Blindness: S; retrophin: S; Spark Therapeutics: S
    Martha P Schatz MD None
    David K Coats MD None
    Ramesh Kekunnaya MD FRCS None
    Scott R Lambert MD Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics: C; Kala Pharmaceutics: C; National Eye Institute: S
    Stacy L Pineles MD None
    Federico G Velez MD Bausch+Lomb: S; Omeros: S; Research to Prevent Blindness: S; Retrophin: S

    Subcommittee for: Optics, Refraction, Contact Lenses, and Refractive Sugery

    Chair Disclosure
    Ronald R Krueger MD Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: C; Calhoun Vision, Inc.: O; Cleveland Clinic Foundation: E; Ocular Therapeutix: C; Optoquest: C; Presbia: C; Strathespey Crown: O
    William B Trattler MD Abbott Medical Optics: C,L; Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: C; Allergan, Inc.: C,L,S; Alphaeon: O; ArcSCan: O; Avedro: L,O,C; Bausch & Lomb: C,L; CXLO: C,O; CXLUSA: C; Guardian Health: C,O; Healthe: O; LensAR: C; Oculus, Inc.: L; Shire: C,L; sun: C,L; Vmax Vision: C
    Elizabeth Yeu MD Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: C,L; Allergan: C,L; ArcScan: C; Bausch + Lomb: C; Bausch Lomb: C; Bio-Tissue, Inc.: C,L; Carl Zeiss Meditec: C,L; Glaukos Corporation: C,L; Innovation Labs: ; iOptics: C,S; Johnson & Johnson Vision: C,L; Kala: C,S; Katena Products, Inc: C; Modernizing Medicine: O; Novartis, Alcon Pharmaceuticals: C; Ocular Science: C,O; OcuSoft: C; Omeros: L; ScienceBased Health: C; Shire: C,L; Sight Sciences: C; Sun Ophthalmics: L; TearLab: C; TearScience: C; TissueTech, Inc.: C,L; Topcon Medical Systems Inc.: S; TopCon: S
    Kendall E Donaldson MD Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: C,L; Allergan: C; Johnson and Johnson: C; Novabay: C; Omeros: C; Shire: C; SUN: C; Tear Lab: C
    Damien Gatinel MD Nidek, Inc.: C,L; Physiol: P; Visiometrics: C; WaveLight AG: C
    Edward E Manche MD Abbott Medical Optics Inc.: C,S; Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: S; Allergan: S; Averdro: C,S; Best Doctors, Inc.: C; Carl Zeiss Inc: C,S; Guidepoint: C; Johnson & Johnson Vision: C,S; Ocular Therapeutix: S; Presbia, Inc.: S; RxSight: O; Seros Medical, LLC: C,O,P; Shire: C; Veralas, Inc.: C,O
    J Bradley Randleman MD None
    Marcony R Santhiago MD Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: C,L; ziemer: C

    Subcommittee for: Retina, Vitreous and Uveitis, Intraocular Inflammation

    Chair Disclosure
    Sharon D Solomon MD None
    Sunir J Garg MD FACS Aerpio: S; Allergan, Inc.: C,S; Bausch+Lomb: C; Deciphera: C; EyeGate Pharmaceuticals Inc.: S; Nexttech: O; Santen, Inc.: C
    Shlomit Schaal MD PhD None
    Anita Agarwal MD None
    Alay S Banker MD Santen Inc.: C
    Muge R Kesen MD AbbVie: L
    Aleksandra Rachitskaya MD Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: C; Allergan: C; Zeiss: C
    Amy C Schefler MD Allergan: C; Aura Biosciences: S; Castle Biosciences: S; GENENTECH: S,C; Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: S
    Lucia Sobrin MD Mallinckrodt: C; Santen, Inc.: C
    Elliott H Sohn MD DORC International, bv/Dutch Ophthalmic, USA: C; Oxford Biomedica: S; Sanofi Fovea: S
    Nadia Khalida Waheed MD Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals: S; Carl Zeiss Meditec: S; GENENTECH: C; Heidelberg Engineering: C; Johnson & Johnson: C,S; Nidek, Inc.: S; Ocudyne: O; Optovue: C,L; Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: C,S; Topcon Medical Systems Inc.: C
    Adam S Wenick MD None

    Special Projects Committee

    The Special Projects Committee is responsible for developing programs to complement those that are submitted by members or societies.

    Associate Secretary Disclosure
    Florentino E Palmon MD None
    Daniel H Chang MD Allergan: C,S; Carl Zeiss Meditec: C,L; ClarVista Medical: C; Johnson & Johnson Vision: C,L,S; Mynosys Cellular Devices: C,S; Omega Ophthalmics: C,O
    Carolyn K Pan MD None
    Rachel K Sobel MD None
    Nicholas J Volpe MD Opthotech: C; Opticent Inc.: O; Quark Pharmaceuticals: S
    Sarah Wellik MD None
    Tammy L Yanovitch MD None

    Skills Transfer Advisory Committee

    The Skills Transfer Advisory Committee is responsible for selecting the Skills Transfer courses and labs.

    Associate Secretary Disclosure
    Jack A Cohen MD FACS None
    Deepinder K Dhaliwal MD Bausch+Lomb: C; Kala: S; Novabay: C,S; Ocular Therapeutix: L; Shire: S; Sightlife: L; STAAR Surgical: L
    Sumit Garg MD Abbott: C,L; Avedro, Inc.: C; Kala: C; OcuTrx: O; RPS: O; RxSight: C; RySurg: C; Shire: C; SightLife Surgical: C; Vision Care Inc.: C; Zeiss: L
    Jill S Melicher Larson MD SLACK: P; Unifeye Vision Partners: O
    Nathan M Radcliffe MD Aerie Pharmaceuticals: C; Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: C,L; Alimera Sciences, Inc.: C,L; Allergan: C,L; Bausch+Lomb: C,L; Beaver-Visitec International, Inc.: C; Ellex: C,L; Glaukos Corporation: C,L; IRIDEX: C,L; Lumenis, Inc.: C,L; New World Medical Inc: C,L; Ocular Science: C,O; Shire: C; Sight Sciences: C
    Michael L Savitt MD None
    Anjali Tannan MD None

    2018 Subspecialty Day Advisory Committee

    Associate Secretary Disclosure
    Daniel S Durrie MD AcuFocus Inc.: C,L,O; Alcon Laboratories Inc.: S; Alphaeon: C,O; Avedro: C,L,O; Concierge Key Health: C,O; Eyedetec Medical Inc.: C; Eyegate Pharma: C; Hoopes Durrie Rivera Research Center: C; Johnson & Johnson Vision: C,L; Strathspey Crown LLC: C,O
    Julia A Haller MD Celgene: O; KalVista: C; Lowy Medical Research Institute: C; Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.: C; Spark Therapeutics: C
    Michael S Lee MD National Eye Institute: S; Quark Pharmaceuticals: S; Springer: P; Uptodate: P
    Francis S Mah MD Abbott Medical Optics Inc.: C,L,S; Aerie: C; Alcon: C; Allergan: C; Avedro, Inc.: C; Avellino Labs: C; Bausch Lomb: C,L; CoDa: C; EyePoint: C; inVirsa: C; iView: C; KALA: C; Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals: C; NovaBay: C; Novartis, Alcon Pharmaceuticals: C,L; Ocular Science: C,O; Ocular Therapeutix: C,S; Okogen: C,O; Omeros Corporation: C; PolyActiva: C; RxSight: C; Senju: S; Shire: C,L; Slack Publishing: C,P; Sun Pharma: C,L
    R Michael Siatkowski MD National Eye Institute: S
    Kuldev Singh MD Aerie: C; Alcon Laboratories Inc.: C; Allergan: C;Belkin Laser Ltd.: C; Glaukos Corp.: C; InjectSense: C; Ivantis: C; Johnson & Johnson: C; Mynosys: C; National Eye Institute: S; Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research: C; Ocular Therapeutix Inc.: C; Santen Inc.: C; Shire: C; Thieme Medical Publishers: C; U.S. Food and Drug Administration: C,S

    2018 AAOE Content Committee

    The AAOE Annual Meeting Program Committee is responsible for selecting the AAOE Instruction Courses, Coding Sessions and the Practice Management Master Classes.

    Chair Disclosure
    Natalie M Loyacano COMT OCS None
    Jeffrey Brust MBA None
    Heidi Ann Campbell COT Duke Eye Center: C
    Brett D Gerwin MD Castle Biosciences: C
    Sean D Goodale CPA MBA GENENTECH: L,C; Regeneron: C,L
    Ann M Hulett CMPE None
    Anthony Pruett Johnson MD FACS None
    Nicole E Kesten None
    Nicole E Kesten None
    Julia Lee JD None
    >Jennifer L Lehman None
    Amanda Mestler COT None
    JoAnne Smagacz None

    Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology Planning Committee

    Member Disclosure
    J Fernando Arevalo MD FACS Allergan Inc: C,L; Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals: C,L; DORC International, bv/Dutch Ophthalmic, USA: C,L; EyEngineering Inc.: C; Mallinckrodt: C; Springer SBM LLC: P; Topcon Medical Systems Inc.: L; Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC: C
    Paulo Elias C Dantas MD PhD None

    Academy Staff

    Name Disclosure
    Debra Rosencrance None
    Melanie Rafaty None
    Sangeeta Fernandes None
    Susan Oslar None
    Ann L'Estrange None
    Elizabeth Washburn None
    Licia Wells None
    Julia Fennell None
    Sadie Peckens None
    Carolyn Little None