• The Exhibitor Portal is a secure area of Exhibitor Central where exhibitors will find all the tools for their participation in the meeting. 

    Note: Google Chrome is the preferred web browser to access the Exhibitor Portal. Microsoft Edge users need to utilize version 79 or greater.

    The Exhibitor Portal allows exhibiting companies to:

    • Complete and submit the exhibit space application.
    • Fill out forms for booth activities.
    • Request Promotional Opportunities.
    • Access the hotel reservations and exhibitor registration websites.

    Companies who have not exhibited previously, and are interested in exhibiting, can now use the Exhibitor Portal to create their company record and submit their company information for review. Visit the New Exhibiting Companies web page for more information.

    Throughout the planning cycle you will find the following items in your company's checklist:

    • Advanced Island Space Request Form (currently available)
    • Exhibitor Designated Contractor Authorization Form (coming soon)
    • Exhibitor Service Manual (available in Aug.)
    • Exhibitor Registration (available in Aug.)
    • Hotel Reservations (available in June)
    • Promotional Opportunities (currently available)
    • Third Party Authorization (coming soon)
    • The tasks below are available in June if you responded “Yes” to specific question(s) when completing the application:
      • Additional Booth Activities Form
      • General Liability
      • Laser
      • Wet Lab