• Historically, the Academy has awarded priority points to exhibiting companies to recognize their participation at the annual meeting and overall support. These points are used to determine the exhibit booth space location in the exhibition. Several years ago, bonus points were added to help exhibitors gain additional points each year.

    NEW! Beginning this year, the Academy is changing how priority points are being calculated. The changes are being made to simplify the system, recognize companies that support Academy activities and encourage new companies to participate.

    Priority point ranking will now be calculated on the company’s prior three years’ points. The AAO 2022 rankings, therefore, will be based on the points accumulated for 2019, 2020, and 2021. Going forward yearly rankings will be determined on a rolling three-year cycle.

    Expo Priority Points

    Priority points are accumulated annually and added to the cumulative total following these guidelines:

    • One (1) point per 100 square foot of exhibit space secured, or equivalent space used at the current meeting (e.g., a 20’ x 30’ island would earn 6 points; a 40’ x 40’ island would earn 16 points, etc.)
    • Two (2) points for submitting full payment with the online exhibit space application.
    • Two (2) points for using ninety-five to one hundred percent (95 – 100%) of the initial hotel room block secured through the official housing service, Expovision.
    • Two (2) points for completing the entire exhibitor survey.

    Earning Additional Points

    Exhibitors can receive additional priority points for Academy and Foundation sponsorship support and for aggregate advertising spend.

    Points will now be calculated based on 1 point for each $5,000 spent with no cap on the points earned in this area. This is a change from the sliding scale that has been used for the past two years.

    Academy and Foundation sponsorship support includes:


    • Running a digital or print ad in Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology Retina, and Ophthalmology Glaucoma.
    • Running a digital or print ad in EyeNet Magazine or any of its related annual meeting publications.
    • Supporting an EyeNet Corporate Lunch or Breakfast.
    • Running a digital ad on AAO.org or in an Academy e-newsletter.
    • Buying advertising in the Academy's annual meeting printed Meeting Program.
    • Reserving a promotional opportunity at the Academy's annual meeting.

    Academy Sponsorship and Foundation Support

    • Sponsoring any Academy programs.
    • Sponsoring any Foundation activity, including the Orbital Gala.
    • Membership in the Ophthalmic Business Council.
    • Making an in-kind asset-transfer donation to the Foundation (e.g., product donation to the Orbital Gala).