• Can You Experience Glare and Halos At Night After A Pink Eye Infection?


    I just got over viral pink eye and noticed I'm seeing glare/ halos when driving at night in the eye that was affected. I had been to an optometrist when I was sick and they confirmed my cornea and eye looked fine. Is this a common side effect after pink eye?


    The two most common causes of glare and haloes around lights are cataracts and corneal surface irritation. However anything that prevents the sharp focus of light on the retina (back of the eye) can cause these symptoms. While it isn't common to notice these symptoms after a bout of viral conjunctivitis, many patients do experience some ocular surface irritation due to the conjunctivitis itself or from any eye drops that are instilled. As long as an eye professional has performed a good exam of the cornea and the lens, I would give it time to see if these symptoms resolve on their own. If your symptoms do not improve, seek an evaluation by an ophthalmologist.

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