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  • Can I wear contacts while using eye ointment?


    I was just prescribed erythromycin ophthalmic ointment and wanted to know if it is safe to put in a pair of my daily disposable contact lenses 15-plus minutes after using the drops. I currently don’t have a pair of glasses in my prescription and I need to be able to see for work. Is it safe to do this?


    Generally, ointments and contact lenses don’t work well together. The ointment may cause the contact lens to not position or move correctly. It may also coat the lens in such a way as to cause blurring. I wouldn’t say it is not safe though—and that is your question. However, I would want to know what the condition is that is being treated by the ointment. The underlying condition may be aggravated by contact lens use and that may cause complications or be “unsafe.” Ask your ophthalmologist or other physician for guidance regarding contact lens use alongside your prescribed medication.

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