• Can stye compromise a heart device?


    I have what I think is a stye. I am a heart surgery patient and my aortic valve was replaced with a prosthetic aortic valve four years ago. My cardiologist constantly reminds me to try and prevent any infections with staph. I read a stye is caused by staph. Can this get to my heart through the blood at all? I am not worried about the stye and understand that this should go within a few days, just a little concerned that the staph could get to my heart. I have prophylactic antibiotics with dentistry, etc., but don't know if it is a bit over the top to get antibiotics to cover my heart just because of a simple stye, but would rather be ''safe than sorry."?


    It is very unlikely for the stye to spread to the heart valves. The bacteria stay localized to the eyelid with these infections. I would not worry about spread of infection but a stye can develop into a cellulitis of the eyelids if untreated. Use warm compresses several times during the day and see your ophthalmologist to start an antibiotic ointment if it’s not better in a few days.

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