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  • Can macular pucker cause nausea or motion sickness?


    Can an epiretinal membrane cause nausea or motion sickness? I have one in my right eye and recently had cataract surgery in the same eye. After the surgery I have felt off balance, nauseated, and prone to motion sickness. Can you tell me why this is happening? 

    An epiretinal membrane (also called a macular pucker, when the macula bulges or wrinkles in the back of the eye) often causes distortions and/or blurring of the vision that is constant, although some have no vision changes at all. An epiretinal membrane does not typically cause nausea or motion sickness. If the glasses prescription in this eye after cataract surgery is significantly different than the prescription in your other eye, that can create problems with depth perception but does not typically cause nausea. It may be helpful to alert your primary doctor of your new symptoms.

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