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  • Can my daughter use eye drops for dry eyes after swimming?


    We recently built a pool and now my 9-year-old has extremely dry eyes. She wears goggles. I have read your article about swimming and contact lenses, which recommends lubricating eye drops as treatment after swimming. Is it safe for children to use these eye drops?


    Lubricating eye drops are safe in children. Typically, the artificial tears are applied up to six times a day for comfort. If drops are needed more often, a preservative-free artificial tear is better as it has less risk for irritation than drops with preservatives. I would advise you to avoid using a drop advertised as getting the red out as this type of drop can result in "rebound" redness when the drop wears off. If the eye irritation persists, it would be best to have your child examined by an ophthalmologist to make sure there is not another cause for their eye problems.