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  • My colored contacts are burning in my eyes. Do I need to see a doctor?


    I put colored contacts in my eyes that I bought from a store and have put them in a few times. I wore them for two days and now my eyes are burning and I can hardly keep them open. Should I see a doctor or will this go away on its own?


    Contact lenses should be fit only by licensed professionals. Stores, beauty salons, flea markets are usually breaking the law and endangering the public when they sell lenses which are not fit by doctors. See an ophthalmologist right away. Do not wear the lenses unless the doctor says it is safe after examining you. Unlike skilled professionals, stores do not have the skills to properly fit the lenses and often do not train the users in proper removal and insertion techniques and sterilization techniques. They exist to make sales, whereas doctors are primarily interested in your health. Please report the people who placed you in jeopardy to the police and health department in your area and alert your friends (since that is where you probably got this bad advice) to the dangers. Many serious eye injuries and infections occur in this country every year due to unlicensed sales of contact lenses, and you can help prevent this form of unnecessary blindness by reporting the perpetrators and warning your friends. We see a lot of this around Halloween!