• Do you know of an eye wash/rinse that is okay to use if I have dry eye syndrome?


    Do you know of an eye wash/rinse—usually applied with an eye cup—that is okay to use if I have dry eye syndrome? I've been told that most such washes have a drying effect.


    I don't recommend an eye wash for dry eyes. This will only irritate your eyes and make the dry eye worse. The treatment for dry eyes starts with frequent non-preserved artificial tears. There are also prescription drops as well as procedures such as closure of the tear duct system with a plug in order to keep the natural tears in the eyes. Treating any associated conditions such as eye allergy or eyelid disease such as blepharitis may also be part of the treatment. Oral medications can also be used as well as supplementation with omega fatty acids. There is no place for an "eye wash" or irrigating solution.

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