• Eylea vs. Lucentis


    Since Eylea was approved in Nov. 2011, many more patients have had experience with it compared to the original clinical trial. Based on current studies that compare the safety and effectiveness of these two drugs, would you now recommend that patients using Lucentis to date for wet AMD continue with Lucentis or switch to Eylea?


    Clinical trials tell us how populations respond to treatment, but not individuals. My clinical experience is that some patients who have been on long-term Lucentis do better with Eylea, some do the same and others do worse. The potential benefit of Eylea is the possibility of fewer injections or visits over a year or more of follow-up. It is important to remember that the clinical trials that compared Eylea to Lucentis did not include patients who were already on treatment with Lucentis or Avastin. Most of my patients who are doing well on Lucentis or Avastin prefer to remain on their current drug.

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