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  • Spaghetti Sauce Eyeball Splash


    I lifted the lid of a cooking pan to stir spaghetti sauce last night and some hot sauce popped me right in the eyeball. I went immediately to the sink and put cool water on my eye. It hurt last night and today it feels weird like when you accidentally scratch your eye. But I can see out of it OK and it is not red (it looks the same as the other eye). My question is – will this heal on its own or should I go have it checked by an eye doctor?


    The two main concerns in an injury similar to the one you are describing are mechanical trauma and heat injury. In both of these cases, the surface of the eye can be damaged resulting in a foreign body sensation, vision compromise, pain, redness, and irritation. You performed the first step correctly in flushing out any foreign substances that may have gotten into your eye. If you note any continuing symptoms after an injury like this, you should see an eye care professional immediately to determine if any structures of your eye have been damaged. You may be at increased risk for infection and scarring until any injuries heal. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics or lubrication drops or ointment to help your body repair the surface of your eye.

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