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  • Should I seek treatment after exposing my eyes to intense heat from my oven?


    Last night I stood in front of a 425 degree oven (door open) to carefully pour a batter into a shell for maybe one minute. I felt my earring burn against my face and quickly moved away but about 10 minutes later I felt a burning sensation in my eyeball, which radiated pain into my eye socket. I flushed my eye with cool water, and closed both eyes for relief and rest. Although I felt pain radiating in my eye I was able to sleep. This morning I still feel some pain in my eye and it is also a little red and teary. The pain is uncomfortable but manageable. My vision seems to be normal but I am concerned something may be going on inside. Should I be worried and seek medical attention or wait and see if it passes?


    Intense heat and radiation can damage the front surface of the cornea and cause blurred vision, pain, tearing, and redness. If any substances get into your eye, the best remedy is immediately flushing the eye with water and then seeking medical attention. It is always a better option to seek medical attention if there is any concern about damage to the eye. Your ophthalmologist will be able to assess the severity of the injury and prescribe any antibiotics or other remedies as needed.

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