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  • How can I fix vertical double vision?


    I have vertical diplopia (double vision). Both eyes are affected to the same degree. Whether I am covering each eye individually or looking with both eyes, the double image is present in a similar manner (the ghost image appears directly above the stronger image). I did see an ophthalmologist, but he indicated that I probably just have tired eyes. I did receive a pair of glasses for a minor vision issue with some astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea) from this same doctor at that time, and this does help my vision, but in reality, it just makes the two separate images more clear. It has never gone away in two years, and increases in intensity irregularly. Should I see another doctor? If so, what type?


    When a person sees a ghost image with each eye alone and with both eyes open, it means the problem is in the focusing portion of the eye and not in the eye motor system (muscles of the eyes). A frequent cause of ghosting is astigmatism, but it can also come from abnormalities of the lens. As you note it can be improved somewhat by refraction (glasses), but not always. In any case this is a situation that requires a comprehensive exam to try to determine the cause. Any type of ophthalmologist should be able to investigate this issue.