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  • How serious is it to have a fold in my intraocular lens?


    I had cataract surgery 10 weeks ago and now have been told that my IOL implant has a fold in it. How serious is it? It’s been suggested that laser treatment will help.


    Based on your description I think it is likely that you have a wrinkle or fold in the posterior capsule and that there is nothing wrong with the intraocular lens implant. When the cataract is removed in most cases the capsular bag (which is your own tissue and was the envelope around the cataract) is left intact and the IOL is placed into the capsular bag. It is common for the back (posterior) part of this capsule to develop a lack of clarity or folds that can degrade the vision. This is fixed by an outpatient laser technique called a YAG capsulotomy. Please ask your ophthalmologist for clarification.

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