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  • What's the Impact of Overcorrection?


    My power in my eyes are: spherical and cylindrical, respectively L- (-10, -2.5) R: (-10, -2). As I was having strain in my left eye, the optician has suggested to increase the cylindrical in right eye by 0.5. What can be the impact of this overcorrection?


    Your question regarding spectacle correction is both easy and difficult because the answer must be individualized. First of all, please understand that you should consult your ophthalmologist about "eyestrain." You may have too much correction in your spectacles or you may be of an age that requires reading assistance in your glasses. Your eye strain may be from trying to read without such assistance. But, if the spectacle prescription is correct and the vertex distance is included (distance from your cornea to the back of your spectacle lens—it may or may not be needed), then the addition of 0.5 diopter should have little or no effect on your correction. I doubt that you would notice it very long as your brain would adjust to it quickly and it may not be your dominant eye. On the other hand, this change may slightly degrade or improve your vision and change, worsen, or eliminate your strain. I suspect little will change, though, and this will not harm your eye no matter what your decision. I would suggest that you consult your ophthalmologist on this issue however as he/she has been properly trained to deal with these problems.

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