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  • Is it normal to get anisocoria intermittently?


    Is it normal to get anisocoria intermittently? I've had it three to four times in both eyes but not at the same time in each eye. It appears suddenly and will last three to four hours or the whole day. The feeling in the eye is like there is something in it or feels a bit swollen and a bit blurry. My eye doctor didn't seem too concerned, but I feel uneasy about it.

     Should I be examined when I have it and are there any preventative measures I should take?


    A difference in pupil size is not uncommon. There are many reasons one can experience intermittent anisocoria. Migraine headaches, oral (taken by mouth) medications, eye drops, even scopolamine patches used to prevent nausea can lead to a difference in pupil size. Anisocoria is more noticeable with different lighting. Stable anisocoria can be benign or associated with more serious conditions. Please see a neuro-ophthalmologist to fully vet your situation.

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