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  • Are prism glasses good for people with lazy eye and astigmatism?


    I have a lazy eye and severe astigmatism. My right eye involuntarily closes when I read or I am on the computer. My vision also does not "match" with my current glasses—one eye sees things closer and the bad eye sees things as farther away. My question is, can glasses with prisms correct my vision so that my eye stays centered and also so that both eyes "are on the same page?"


    Prism glasses can be very useful in managing eye misalignment. These occur when the eyes no longer are aimed at the same object. Lazy eye for some people means eye misalignment, but to other people it means that one eye is not as strong visually (poor vision) as the other eye. Prisms can help some patients with the first problem, realigning the two eyes, but not the latter problem. As for imaging with one eye closer and the other far away, that problem must be managed with eyeglasses or contact lenses.